Thursday, 23 August 2012

Nawaz Sharif clearly defeated Zardari on Political Front

December 2007, Election campaign was in full swing. Every Party was doing jalsas, corner meetings & rallies to propagate its manifesto.  Then came the evening of Dec 27, 2007 when Benazir Bhutto the leader of PPP was assassinated in a suicide bombing in Rawalpindi. This incident changed the whole scenario in Pakistan. PPP which was emerging as villain party because of NRO deal suddenly became the central player in the politics of Pakistan. There was extreme wave of anger in Sindh against the Federation of Pakistan. No one could dare speak a single word against PPP now. Every anti PPP seemed to be ready to give power to PPP without elections to ease the anger of Jiyalas.  Some words of journalists.

Talat Hussain had the folloing analysis
“PPP hamesha se eik aisi political force ha jis k baghair hakoomat chalaana thora masla krta ha Lakin abb toh PPP woh force ha Jis k Baghair Mulk hi nahi chalaya ja sakta. PPP ko power na dene k matlab Mulk Torne k mutraadif hoga.”

Haroon-ur-Rashid came with the following Demand on a TV show.

“Mulk bachaanay ka eik hi tareeka ha aur woh yeh k Musharaf  iqtedaar 5 saal k liye  PPP k hawaalay Kr k Resign de dien”

Every Pakistani was terrified because of the slogans being raised in Sindh “Na Khappay, Na Khappay Pakistan Na Khappay” meaning now we are not ready to be the part of Pakistan. But in those hard times Asif Ali Zardari stepped forward & won the hearts of Pakisanis by raising the slogan of Pakistan Khappay, Pakistan Khappay. Things started to settle, this was a clear indication that Sindh is totally behind Zardari. New date of elections announced.

Apart from BB murder there were so many other issues of Pakistan like dogar courts were functional, Musharaf was president, Pakistan was suffering from suicide bombing, Target Killing in Blochistan & so many other issues. But as election campaign proceeded, the issue which got highlighted most was the restoration of deposed judges. It was widely believed that if independent judiciary is reinstated many problems of Pakistan would be solved.  PML-N Chief Nawaz Sharif was crystal clear on this issue, he also took oath from all the ticket holders of PML-N to continue struggle for independent judiciary until the logical conclusion but on the other hand when Zardari took over PPP election campaign, PPP seemed reluctant over the judicial movement.  Finally elections held, then opposition parties PPP & PML-N emerged as the top two parties with 123 & 92 NA seat respectively. 

On March 9, 2008 Zardari & Nawaz Sharif met in Bhoorban & signed the deceleration that all deposed judged would be restored within 30 days of Government formation but Zardari did not abide by his words & refused to restore judiciary on April 30. PML-N gave 10 more days to PPP & finally left all the ministries on May 10, 2008. Zardari & Nawaz Sharif again had an agreement on August 7, 2008 that Judges would immediately be restored within 24 hours of the Musharaf impeachment. But when Musharaf resigned on August 18, 2008 Zardari again backed out from his words. Then the lines between the rivals started to be clear. Now Politics was Nawaz Sharif Vs Zardari.

To try ousted PPP from government was never the option as it would be extremely poisonous for the unity of federation. So Nawaz Sharif had to minimize the room for Zardari’s politics without provoking Sindhis.

Nawaz Sharif had to pave the ways out of all difficulties.  Now from August 2008 to later part of 2012 Nawaz Sharif clearly defeated Zardari on political front. How?
  •  Zardari did not want to restore Iftekhar Chaudhry & always tried to label him as Punjabi judge but Nawaz Sharif derived the movement in such a way that when the final long march started, there was no room left for Zardari to play sindh card & had to restore Iftekhar Chaudhry unconditionally. 
  • Zardari wanted NRO to be approved from national assembly but when NRO was brought to parliament Nawaz Sharif conducted series of press conferences against NRO & made such environment that even PPP allies were left with no option but to oppose this black law.
  • Instead of launching any aggressive campaign against PPP government corruption Nawaz Sharif directed its party leaders to fight against corruption in standing committees of national assembly & Supreme Court. Ch Nisar recovered 120 billions of rs through PAC, Abid Sher Ali effectively handled the issue of fake degrees in Standing committee for education, saved HEC. Simmiliarly Sardar Ayaz Sadiq moving nicely against corruption in Railway. Khawaja Asif & Bilal Yasin played vital role in exposing corruption in Rental Power Scandal & Hajj Corruption Scandal. PML-N leaders also petitioners against so many corruption cases in Supreme Court. Because of PML-N efforts against corruption, Pakistan improved its corruption rating from 34th in 2010 to 42nd in 2011.
  •  Nawaz Sharif played very nicely in constitutional amendments like in 18th amendment forced Zardari to restore parliamentary form of constitution as per the spirit of 1973. A time came when PTI was pressurizing & demanding PML-N to resign from assemblies to prove that PML-N is genuine opposition but Nawaz Sharif unprovoked with this demand, kept himself cool & directed his party to play more effective in National Assembly.  Similarly in 20th amendment PML-N played very smartly & forced PPP to ensure independent election commission & care taker setup. PPP was badly stuck in a tough situation before senate elections because of possible disqualification of 26 parliamentarians which were elected in bye elections under incomplete election commission. PPP desperately needing every single vote for senate elections had to protect those elections through a constitutional amendment but PML-N refused to be the part of such amendment unless independent election commission & caretaker setup is ensured so PPP was left with no option but to fulfill PML-N demands as a result of which Pakistan now have an independent election commission which will play the decisive role in care taker setup in case of any dead lock between opposition & government under the 20th amendment in constitution.

Now in 2012 when elections are near, Zardari has no influence on Election Commission, Supreme Court & Care taker setup with NRO sword still hanging on his head. His Sindh card is diffused against PML-N & he is feeling the heat in Sindh over the Sindhi Nationalist alliance with PML-N. Since no major effort from PML-N to strike down PPP government Zardari has no excuse to tell his people that why his government did not perform, Nawaz Sharif has won the political game against Zardari. 

Thursday, 8 December 2011

NOORA KUSHTI Vs CHANGE as Termed By Imran Khan

March 14, 2009, my friends were at my home to celebrate Basant night but the hottest topic was the LONG MARCH. We were mostly IK’s fan & talking about from where Imran Khan would join the long march. What update we were getting from our fellow PTI “insiders” that with given condition of law & order Nawaz Sharif will prefer to remain house arrest & once PML(N) leadership is blocked completely in Lahore, Imran Khan will appear somewhere in Rawalpindi or Isb with a huge crowd & Judges will be restored and IK will emerge as the savior of the nation, sounded quote impressive however while being at Lahore we were feeling like as Imran Khan must be in Lahore to guide PTI fans in the long march.

Sun of the March 15 rises, PML-N MPA from my area gathered huge crowd & went to GPO & my party PTI was completely out of scene. After sometime all the news channels started to broadcast the state power being used at the long marchers of PML(N) & JI with a breaking news that Nawaz Sharif has been ordered to put under house arrest. I thought the plan for PTI is working perfectly fine but against my expectations suddenly Nawaz Sharif appeared on the screen delivered a very fiery 8-minute speech. I still remember few of his words…

“Gharron Me Bethay huve aaj challien, Nawaz Sharif k Sang Sang Chalien.. Aao Isalamabad Challien………..
Baatil se Dabnay Waalay aa Aasmaan nahi Hamm…
So(100) baar kr chukka ha Tu Imtehaan hamara……..”

This speech completely tilted the balance other way. One of my PTI fellows Asim called me & expressed his emotion quite similar to my emotions “O Butt! Aisi ki taisi hakoomat ki… aa challien Long march pe..” 
Shortly speaking, I joined long march with my friend, brother, bhabhi, mother & nephew. There was huge crowd with Nawaz Sharif & I thought now Nawaz Sharif would also force the government to reverse the dis-qualification decision & lift Governor’s Rule to restore Punjab government but I was taken by surprise when Nawaz Sharif called the long march off as soon as the government declared to restore the judges. He did not bother about his disqualification & Punjab government. I was so much impressed with the greatness of Nawaz Sharif. I had forgotten Imran Khan. It was the beginning of the revolution inside me & by the end of 2009 I had completely transformed into a Nawaz Sharif lover.

Now today it’s December 2011, I see that my previous captain Imran Khan claiming to bring CHANGE & blaming PML-N of playing NOORA KUSHTI against the PPP Government.  Let us briefly analyze this NOORA KUSHTI & CHANGE as termed by Imran Khan.

·         PPP government was proceeding exactly as per the plan told by PTI insiders until Nawaz Sharif turned the game with his charismatic personality & fiery speech.
·         Imran Khan always criticized this setup & termed it NRO setup but never did anything practical against NRO whereas PML-N not only opposed NRO in the assembly but Shehbaz Sharif also filed a petition against NRO & now the decision of that case has been given in favor of the petitioner, cases are being re opened.
·         Imran Khan always bashed Rental Power Plant for corruption but did he file any case against this project? Khawaja Asif a PML-N MNA filed a petition & helped Supreme Court to recover billions of rupees in the case of rental power plants.
·         Imran Khan disclosed a great plot against the national security of Pakistan i.e. memogate issue on 30th oct (on that day only one person was aware of this information & that was DG ISI other than Imran Khan as revealed later). But IK again remained limited only to the statements whereas Nawaz Sharif filed a full strength petition in the Supreme Court which has shaken PPP government to its core & its reaction is quite evident against PML-N.

Similarly, in Hajj Corruption, Railway scandals, 115 billions of Rs recovery by Ch Nisar & in many other proceedings against PPP governments PML-N leads by example and Imran Khan remained completely out of radar on these issues & kept focused against Nawaz Sharif.

Imran Khan talks of bringing REVOLUTION with the same bunch of PML-Q people who were badly rejected by the people of Pakistan in the elections of 2008.

He has been leading a revolutionary movement “Hakoomat Hatao Mulk Bachao since May 2011” against Zardari, claiming to be the real opposition of PPP which is limited to one Jalsa one month. Every time whenever there was huge gathering at PTI Jalsa, PPP congratulated PTI, PML-Q looked released with Altaf Hussain also happy acknowledging the success of PTI Jalsas.

I conclude that PML(N) always did some practical in the parliament or outside the parliament & gave very tough time to coalition government that’s why coalition government parties react very strong to PML(N). On the other hand Imran Khan is all talking but no actions so whenever Imran Khan claims to be the real opposition, the very same coalition warmly welcomes him? Mr Khan! Who is playing NOORA KUSHTI & who worked for the real CHANGE practically?

So my dear country fellows! Analyze the yesterday on practical & factual basis. DO NOT be the victim of fantasy. Just take proper stance today so that we have a brighter future.

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Why to Vote for PML(N)?

By the end of June 1999, Pakistan Army was facing defeat at Kargil Hills. Its supply line was under the bombing of Indian Air Force. PAF could not intervene as Pakistan officially never owned Kargil fighters.  If PAF would have gone for rescue operation of Kargil Fighters, there was the possibility of all-out war between Pakistan & India as PAF & Pakistan Navy was not ready for all-out war operationally & mentally as they were never taken into confidence about Kargil Operation. Indian forces were advancing very fast in Kargil, they were claiming front after front, hill after hill & Pakistan Army was without food & ammunition. Pakistan army had suffered more casualties than the combined casualties of 1965 & 1971 war front losses on a single front of Kargil. The situation was getting worse & worse. A shameful surrender was heading towards Pakistan army. Everything seemed lost.  

When Generals, air marshals & admirals failed, it came to then prime minister Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif. He took it onto himself & converted that certain military defeat into a political withdrawal. He did not let the moral & confidence of the nation lose in its armed forces compromising his own popularity. To this day majority of Pakistanis still think that Pakistan Army was in very strong position & Nawaz Sharif backed off from Kargil on US pressure. I was also one of those until I came across this by reading a research book in 2009 “Ghaddar Kon” By a very credible journalist Suhail Warraich. 

I was the lover of Imran Khan at those times, when I came to know about Kargil reality. It boosted Nawaz Sharif’s  respect in my heart exponentially which was already at some higher level due to Nawaz Sharif’s role in the lawyers movement for Judges restoration.

This book further motivated me to research on Nawaz Sharif’s two eras as prime minister and when I researched from internet, some political history books, I was quite impressed with the fact that in every era of Nawaz Sharif as Prime Minister, all the indicators of Pakistan economy were positive. Pakistan was leading south Asia in many fields & those cannot be covered in one article.

But as a supporter & follower of Imran Khan, I was more concerned about two things about any leader
US Slavery: Whether or not a leader can withstand US pressure or broadly cpeaking international pressure on the matters of our national interest?
Corruption: A leader with no corruption (financial) at all

With great respect of Nawaz Sharif in my heart, I needed to evaluate him on the above described two standards. First Can Nawaz Sharif with stand super power’s pressure for the national interest of Pakistan? I had my answers.

International pressure handling without confrontation
USA wanted to invade Afghanistan on the issue of Usama capture or kill accusing Usama  for Nairoobi Blasts on US Embassy killing 250 persons including dozens of US citizens in august 1998. USA even fired twenty Cruise missiles from its naval fleet on Afghanistan to target Usama & those missiles violated Aerial territory of Pakistan. Nawaz Sharif took the strong notice with it & talked with USA & Taliban government at the same time & USA was left with no option but to come on table without any further offensive due to Nawaz Sharif's diplomacy.

And who can forget Nawaz Sharif’s brave handling of international pressure on the issue of Nuclear Test in May 1998. Here one thing was to be noticed that Nawaz Sharif did not over react, he gave UN enough time to act on Indian Blasts when UNO failed to make India an Example of horror Nawaz Sharif decided to answer India on the same ground countering all the international pressure. Even US president said to Nawaz Sharif “Mr. Prime Minister! If I were at you place, I would have done the same”. And because of Nawaz Sharif’s diplomacy Pakistan was not isolated in the world. Green passport respect increased suddenly exponentially particularly in Muslim World.

Similarly Nawaz Sharif went against the will of international powers on the issue of Musharaf Indemnity, Long march & NRO issues. Covering all these issues is beyond the perspectives of this article

Is Nawaz Sharif a Corruption Free Leader

It took Musharaf 28 days to file first case against Nawaz Sharif post Oct, 12, 1999 military coup and that case was plane hijacking case and that was not filed from any passenger or pilot in fact an inspector of ISI filed that. Musharaf regime could not find a single trace of corruption. There is not even single case of corruption filed against Nawaz Sharif. Hudaibia paper Mills, Money Laundering etc are just the blames not the cassis. Musharaf regime initiated the investigations but could never make the case out of those investigations. With only one thing left in my mind about Nawaz Sharif was the scheme “Qarz Utaro Mulk Sanwaro” Scheme. I had the answer in the following link

This is the link to the 8th chapter of the official annual report of stat bank 2000/2001. Starting from the 11th page of this chapter are the details of Qarz Utaro Mulk Sanwaro Scheme. You can find there is everything is transparent & clean about this scheme.

I concluded that what Imran Khan promises to do in the future Nawaz Sharif has already delivered that in the past. So I thought why to support fantasy, why not to support the facts. Pakistan cannot afford experimentation any further. Pakistan needs a tested person or party and that person is PML(N) chief Nawaz Sharif who qualifies every single criteria of being a leader.

Beside this PML(N) has so many social, economic, diplomatic, cultural & so many other achievements which can not be covered in one article.

Now with all due respect to my captain Imran Khan, I decided to support PML-N more actively than I used to support PTI & it was the end of 2009.

I urge all of my country fellows first to research the history with open mind. Pakistan is at a very critical stage of the history. This is the final battle for the survival Pakistan. Please DO NOT make stance by talk shows or blame game. Study your yesterday & take proper stances today to have a better tomorrow other wise

Daastaan Takk na Hogi Daastaano Me..


Pakistan: Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow

Three words yesterday, today & tomorrow are all about our life. Yesterday is our past, today is our present & tomorrow is our future. Our every today converts to yesterday & our every tomorrow will become our today.

We are always stuck in present means that we can not travel in time. Time is independent of us. So we need  to adjust ourselves to the course of time. What happened between yesterday & today is the guideline for us that what we should do today in-order to have better tomorrow. That's what sums up my efforts on this blog. I'll try to learn from past & share my views with my readers over here. 

These days a very hot topic of Pakistan is politics, every one talking about change or revolution. So it is very important for every one of us to step forward & share his/her views about the current political scenario of Pakistan. But we must not isolate Pakistan from the developments going on in the world. We  need to look at things in broader view, keeping in mind our yesterday & the current developments happening around the globe and than plan for tomorrow.

This is my first ever blog, I hope to have positive interactions with the readers with productive feed backs for me to learn. 

Adnan Butt